Higher Ed Roundup

Seeking 'Paths of Exploration'
Judy Hoff Gilbert ’91, chief people officer at a California-based biotech startup Zymergen, Inc., and formerly of Google, shares one thing she wish she knew as a student at Kenyon, where she majored in economics and history. Her story has interesting reflections on career development.

Watch: Rutgers Researchers and Undergrads Create The Next Generation of Green Lawns
Rutgers brings more federal research dollars to New Jersey than all other New Jersey colleges and universities combined, which means more research opportunities for our undergrads...as early as the sophomore year!

Tilburg University (Netherlands): Virtual Open Week
During the week of February 25 - March 1, we will have our very first Virtual Open Week. There are 
information sessions about all the different areas of expertise that Tilburg University offers, and staff members are online in our live chat. 
  • Monday, Feb. 25: Sessions about Psychology, Behavioral Science and Communication and Digital Sciences
  • Tuesday, Feb. 26: Sessions about Culture Studies, Liberal Arts & Sciences, Philosophy and Theology.
  • Wednesday, Feb. 27: Sessions about Law, Public Administration and Social Sciences.
  • Thursday, Feb. 28: Sessions about Economics, Econometrics, Finance and Data Science
  • Friday, March 1: Sessions about Business, Management, Marketing, HR studies & Organization Studies. 
Click for more information, time slots, and sign up.

Tour the Endeavor Lab
The Endeavor Lab is a state-of-the art engineering laboratory at Oklahoma State University that provides an immersive learning experience and hands-on research opportunities. In this online session, Dr. Qinang Hu, a professor of civil engineering, will take you on a tour of the material science lab!