Prague Spring 2019: A CAS Global Exchange Trip

CAS Trips, an educational tour operator, is organizing a global exchange trip, Prague Spring 2019.

Join students from around the world for an incredible program of creativity, activity & service in breath-taking Prague.

In this unique 7-10 day program of intercultural collaboration, students will meet and work together with students of all nationalities to participate in dynamic volunteer challenges with local charities and NGOs.

The Golden City of Prague is a truly magical place and our CAS Trips flagship student travel destination for a reason. Set on the majestic River Vltava, Prague is home to some of the most beautiful architecture in the world.

The history of Prague is also one of a kind and provides an incredible backdrop for on-site educational travel – from learning about World War I and World War II and Nazism and Communism to engaging with important social issues and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The city has a plethora of options to inspire and motivate students to delve deeper into the true meaning of CAS.

Teenagers on student trip in Prague

The CAS Trips Way
Designed by teachers for students, CAS Trips is re-defining educational travel.

Engaging the International Baccalaureate’s 7 Learning Outcomes, CAS Trips introduces students to incredible new cultures whilst striving to develop conscientious young global citizens. Through our CAS Connect! students, parents and teachers can keep track of all the essential trip information in our easy-to-use online user portal.

UN Sustainable Development Goals
Students will work collaboratively to tackle fascinating CAS projects and challenges to make a real difference to society and the environment. Working with local & international charities and NGOs, students will confront the UN’s SDGs with hands-on activities and exciting team challenges.