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Summer Reading Suggestions

People ask me all the time the best way to prepare for standardized tests, and the college admissions process, particularly the essay. The answer is simple: start a habit of reading often, early in your life. Growing your vocabulary will be much more fun and less stressful. As summer approaches, I recommend setting a goal of reading at least 15 minutes, every day.

Wondering what to read? The American Library Association has a ton of suggestions for you, including: Amazing Audiobooks for Young Adults, Great Graphic Novels for Teens, Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers, and more.

Other great resources include the Los Angeles Public Library's Teen Web and the New York Public Library's List of Lists.

ACT Computer-Based Practice Tests Now Available

The ACT test moving to a computer-based format internationally. Computer-based practice tests are now available on the ACT website. Registration for the September 7-8 test dates and those after will not open until the end of July 2018. For each of the two days within a testing window, there will be morning and afternoon sessions offered. Session availability may vary by test center.